About Us

Mahendra Chemicals


Mahendra Chemicals is specialized in the production of quality active pharmaceutical ingredients. To improve the quality of life improvement through quality pharmaceutical preparations (Bulk Drugs) distributed globally through our extensive infrastructure of international alliances is the mission of. We offers Lidocaine base, Lidocain Hydrochloride, Bsacodyl.

Mahendra Chemicals. Our superlative products help us to fly the flag of success in the domestic and in the global market hoist.

Mahendra Chemicals is a promise to be esteemed company to its customers, business partners and colleagues based on its commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

About API

Our active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) business aims to help our clients succeed by being the first or among the first to bring high IP products, technological and regulatory barriers in the market. In doing so, we help bring affordable and innovative medicines to patients faster.

The manufacture of products based on small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is still essential to overall health. The manufacturing landscape is also filled with challenges and opportunities. This is because international markets rapidly emerging and changing social expectations, economic, regulatory and environmental.

Our active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) business users or IP first, to market products with technical and regulatory barriers to being one of the first few to succeed by helping ‘s. In doing so, we have affordable and innovative medicines to patients faster they helped.